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    September 14, 2007


    Dave Sag

    Nice roundup but it would have been better for you to price them all in one currency, and also to keep in mind that Greenfleet do not retail carbon credits, but offer an un-accredited, unregulated tree planting scheme. Our of all the companies you cite, only Carbon Planet employs a full time carbon emissions audot team to help businesses reduce their emissions through engineerin, rather than simple offsetting.

    Dave Sag
    CEO - Carbon Planet Pty Ltd

    Denzil Jude

    Unfortunately, David is not telling us the full story about his carbon credits. Carbon Planet retails tree credits from the NSW GGAS scheme (founded in 2003). The credits are deemed from trees planted by Forests NSW in 1997; a good 6 years before the NSW scheme took effect. Hence, credits bought from Carbon Planet do nothing for the atmosphere, as Forests NSW have a mandate to keep trees in the ground. Your better off supporting the non-profit Greenfleet who at least takes your donation and plants additional trees with it.


    Thanks Denzil for your comment. The carbon credit market is starting to feel like a bit of a minefield :(

    - Is there regulation coming in?
    - Is there info to help consumers make an informed choice re where to purchase carbon credits? If so, please let me know where.

    By the way Denzil, do you represent an organisation - what's your background? You sound very knowledgeable!

    Denzil Jude

    Haha... I like to fly under the radar. Call me the carbon cowboy!

    I looked into carbon offsetting a cafe a little a while ago and learnt a fair bit about it all. The Total Environment Centre ( will soon have a scorecard which rates different offset products. Ive spoken to them about carbon planet and they know about the quality of their product, and whilst they cant say directly, I think we can infer that CP will get the rating they deserve


    Ah, I see. Well thanks for sharing your knowledge here! The site is very informative, I hadn't come across it before. Will check it from now on.

    Good luck with your cafe / other green efforts!

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