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    February 14, 2010



    I agree - and it seems a largely taboo subject although David Attenborough has made his view clear at least on the implications for the natural world:


    Thanks Dad - via that BBC story I found the 'Optimum Population Trust' (OPT - David Attenborough is patron).

    OPT commissioned LSE to perform a research study which found that Contraception is almost five times cheaper than conventional green technologies as a means of combating climate change:

    Makes sense to me. So I'll be offsetting my carbon via their program 'Popoffsets' in the future!:


    There are many articles in well regarded publications like the Economist on the subject of population growth. In short, 'wealthy' countries are facing a population decline in 10-20 yrs; other coutries are rapidly following suit - Iran's birthrate has fallen from about 7 to about 2.5 in 20 years. The solution to overpopulation it seems is education and a reasonable standard of living...

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