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    March 24, 2010



    What is so shocking is that someone as bright, able and well intentioned as Obama (hugely respected around the world) should be treated like this. There's deep populist anger in the US resulting from unemployment, the banking crisis and perhaps a feeling that world leadership is slipping slowly towards Asia. It's being made worse by some near paranoid presentations made on Murdoch's Fox news and some potty arguments being made by Republican politicians eg:
    Maybe the only remedies (apart from better education) is a passage of time, resumption in economic growth, and convincing actions by Obama on unemployment and better financial regulation?

    But I think sensible people in the rest of the world also need to make clear that the US is extremely lucky to have Obama? There are not many like him!


    What might become a noteworthy blog entry on the present state of some in the Republican Party by someone left - not quite - speechless!


    Ha, that is brilliant!! Thanks Dad


    Now what about if we could ban all games that involve killing and replace them with 'Games for change'?!

    Perhaps via these kinds of games, a generation of people could be trained to:
    a. think independently & strategically
    b. solve problems
    c. consider the future impact before they make choices that are likely to create new problems?!

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