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    September 01, 2011


    Tony Zambito

    Hi Rowan,

    Thank you for your mention and your own articulate response. I will focus on something that is central to our conversation. That is, insight. Insight that drives the outside-in thinking that organizations today must adopt. Without deep insight, it will be difficult for organizations to undergo change. Insight into a constituenccy - which I like that description very much - needs to guide CEO's to make the transformative changes. Insight needs to be an objective voice that informs future strategies and structures to support such. Including the 360 integrated planning you speak of. This to me is a fundamental commitment senior leaders need to make and to overcome fears that insights may challenge their existing agendas. Thank you for engaging and I appreciated the perspectives you've written here in your excellent article!


    Ro Hetherington

    Tony, thanks for your reply and your insight (pardon the pun). You have certainly given me more to think about.

    I have seen insights from listening build urgency / provide a compelling reason for change but I'm seeing broader options now.

    Thanks again!

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