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    October 22, 2011


    Caesar Wong

    Speaking of imagination, an interesting tangent to this topic: the Japanese Manga/Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion depicts a corporation called NERV that posseses 3 biological computers, dubbed The Magi, which are responsible for high-level decision making. Each component of the system represents a unique perspective (in the fiction: woman, mother and scientist). I'll come back to this in a bit.

    The second key part to this rant is the concept of Big Data - the public availability of information collected by the government.

    This should be of interest to IBM, considering the emphasis on driving innovation and business value through analytics.

    My point is, crowdsourcing is one way of harnessing a large body of processing power to derive meaningful outcomes from specific inputs. I postulate that in terms of government and decisionmaking for the benefit of the population, we should no longer rely on deficient and unpopular policies contrived by fallible governments, limited and inefficient as they are, and instead focus on collecting the neccessary data to feed a system that tracks all the variables and derives an optimal solution - governmented by a system like The Magi if you will.

    Interested parties would be invited to submit "Components" of this Magi system, so long as they Open Source the code for public scrutiny.

    I'm sure there will be great reluctance to relinquish the rule government to a bunch of computers and computer geeks though, but I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.

    Rowan Hetherington

    Caesar, you got me chuckling... I love the idea of being ruled by the Magi Open Source big-data-crunching overlords!

    Should we start an open-source sci-fi novel, iteration 1 title: '2084'?!


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