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    November 16, 2011


    Caesar Wong

    Not sure of the context behind the original post, but my personal beef with Twitter is that it is so hard to track a "conversation". Because the only glue that exists to keep a bunch of tweets together is the hashtag, which - at best - is a pretty dismal way of doing this.

    If there's any one reason why Twitter has become a broadcast medium rather than a conversational one, I'd put money on that as a key reason. That's what led me to come up with the idea of thrashtags:

    Rowan Hetherington

    Excellent points Caesar - you're right that it's harder to track a "conversation" on Twitter than Facebook or a blog post - though I'd argue it's still possible to build rapport via Twitter. E.g. by reading and commenting on stuff other people share, getting to know them a bit, connecting people to others who share their very specific interests -- and simple reciprosity.

    Having said that, I love your Thrashtag idea! Maybe we (and Sarah if she wants to join in) could continue the conversation using a Thrashtag...

    Sarah, bouncing this idea over to you!

    Rowan Hetherington

    Hey Caesar, Sarah was technically unable to post... but your Thrashtag idea seems to be in use - check out #stuffIBMerssay (funny!)

    Khali Whatley

    Rowan, I completely agree with your blog post - and Caesar's comments regarding why this may be the case.

    I really enjoy using Twitter as a knowledge base but wish there was more social interaction. I'll be sure to start a conversation with you on twitter when I 'see' you there next :)

    Rowan Hetherington

    Khali, thanks for commenting, I look forward to engaging with you on Twitter!

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