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    November 21, 2012


    Tony Hollingsworth

    Hi Rowan

    Fantastic summary of a great event. I loved FUNNEL - I'm preparing a blog post too so keep an eye on hashtag #Funnel12 and it will appear there soon.

    One insight that stayed with me from the day was the idea that we can make customers heroes. By doing so, they become raving ambassadors for our products and services. Who wouldn't want an army of sales people passionate about your product? This is now greatly facilitated by "being more social" in a business context, and is a sure-fired way of generating more leads, and ultimately closing more business, sooner!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the event.

    Tony Hollingsworth
    Digital Business and Food Advisor - AskTonyIT

    Rowan Hetherington

    Hi Tony, thanks - and I will look out for your post too!

    I agree turning customers into hero advocates is a fantastic idea! Are you familiar with IBM's developerWorks case study on this? This is the site itself:

    If you haven't seen it, I will gladly dig it out for you. It created "raving ambassadors" as you put it, and resulted in some pretty amazing engagement, satisfaction and revenue data!

    Looking forward to connecting more - hopefully in person again eventually!

    sap project systems

    Came across your site while browsing around…Cool stuff you have going on here, seems to have been a great event which Covers motivations well and shows the building strength in the relationship customer/vendor.

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