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    March 03, 2013


    Caesar Wong

    What is a "marketer" anyway? Is it really just one person? Was it ever? Given your agency background do you think marketing is starting to become more "agency-like" with strategists, researchers, creatives (art/copy directors), etc.?

    My colleague pinged me an interesting article the other day - wonder if you've seen this:

    This study proposes a "purchase loop" which I found interesting, because unlike the funnel concepts - including the crazy plumbing version above - assumes neat entry and exit points. The loop concept instead supposes that customers can enter and exit at any point in the loop, and take any path in between. That must surely present a great challenge to marketers, which is to say a marketer without a strategy is like an army going to war without a map.


    Hi Caesar, I like your analogy that "a marketer without a strategy is like an army going to war without a map".

    My concern is that I still see a lot of marketers who are focused on implementing a little piece of this puzzle, without an understanding of how it all fits together - or how their piece impacts the flow of the whole.

    I guess where I'm landing is that marketers today need to have the ability to understand the overall map and make relevant connections between the different threads of potential customer journeys. While 'marketers' are certainly not 'one person' - there are many different roles within the profession, I suspect the strategic ability to contribute to the 'connecting of the dots' is something that is becoming increasingly required for ALL marketers.

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